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I don’t normally do politics. And it’s been an interesting year to abstain from such, but this is entirely to funny not to share.

Besides, I can justify it to myself by saying it’s good brain fodder for the urban fantasy and mil sf writers.

Really, its a public service.


  • Wow. That's one heaping pile of sarcasm. I'm impressed.

  • 2000-year-old Jewish zombie worshipers . . . you know, my religion suddenly seems so much cooler.

  • Whoa, this guy insults eveybody!

  • Did you ever read Warren Ellis's TRANSMETROPOLITAN comics? In one series of issues a party literally manufactures a vice presidential candidate in a lab, since it was the only way to produce a totally clean politician. 🙂

    • no but it sounds like something I would enjoy. 🙂

  • LOL!
    This shoulda had a spew warning attached to it…