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Slow Train To Arcturus has been nominated as for best sf/f novel in the
Preditors & Editors reader’s poll. So go vote here:

They require an email you can click from to validate to stop people doing
nefarious stuff like voting lots of times from the one email address.

Dave said that being in the middle of a move from one nation to another this type of award could be the difference in pushing him over the top in the minds of the paper pushers.

  • This is kind of non-sequitur to the post, but I had a sudden question.
    I'm working on a series which is going to end up pretty big, but split into several parts. The first few books are almost done, and they do present a coherent plot. I've read that series have to be done before submitting for publication, but does the whole darn thing need to be done before I can approach anyone for publication?

    • Um…
      I've never heard of any major publisher wanting all the books done.
      I suspect someone is not so well informed as they might like to be.

      • Yay and Thank you!
        *phew* And thank you. I couldn't imagine how that made sense (after all, there was such fuss about JK Rowling writing madly) but I didn't want to look stupid if I was to submit it somewhere.

  • Anonymous

    For whatever it's worth I posted about this over at my blog on <a href="” target=”_blank”>

  • Gah, I probably shouldn't vote.

    • of course you should. Numerous times.

  • Voted and created a link on my blog as well.
    Hope he gets it!

  • I was notified that my SF novel, Redoubt of Ghosts was also nominated, but I didn't have the link to see if it was true(it is)–thanks!