As a geek, I read a lot. Most of it I understand, some of it I enjoy, but often it is just horribly written. So while discussing things with the dynamic Kate Paulk as we lamented not being at either of the big cons, I came up with an idea that would probably solve a lot of problems.

“Technical Data Writer”.

Essentially it would be a Masters level degree that you started immediately when entering college. It would have slightly more than the minor requirements for English writing, and at least 15 credits in each of four more disciplines.  Say for example someone wanted to work for a food mega corp, four concentrations that included mechanical engineering, computer science, economics, and nutrition would have enough tools to understand and translate just about any document, or casual bit of conversation in the company. Concentrations of physics, art, chemistry, and marketing could be invaluable to a car manufacturer. Certainly this would be a more useful degree than hiring another member of the Cult Of The MBA.

This type degree also has a few non industrial applications. Think of all the badly written textbooks that have been tossed at students. Or users manuals for everything from cell phones to blue-ray players, and other tech toys.

The writing portion should start with the basics from sentence diagramming, and include some fiction writing just to stretch the skills. The rest should have at least two basic and two mid to high level courses as requirements.