Somehow I failed to notice that it it was National Adoption month. Fortunately the nice folks at Adopt Us Kids tweeted a reminder:

It's National #Adoption Month! Visit the #NAM12 web site: Resources for families & professionals.#childwelfare

Which prompted me to think: Why aren’t their any notable, positive adoption stories in science fiction and fantasy? I’ve read close to a five digit figure of science fiction and fantasy stories from shorts to novels in my life and am flat out stumped to finger even one adoption that worked out for everyone. In one of his latest, David Weber, who has adopted children of his own manages to jump up and down on the adoption = disaster plot button. Raymond Feist’s epic Magician has Pug get adopted into the Con Dion family (sorta), only to later have it cause issues within the family. Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files features at least two adoptions, neither all that positive. The list goes on, and on, and on…


So who out there is going to spit in the eye of tradition and feature an adoption that works?

Those seeking information on adoption or foster care for themselves can do so via Adopt Us Kids, or by searching for their nearest state office. Many states have no fee adoption programs run by the state that may work better than the much more publicized private adoption agencies which often do great work, but can have high costs.