I actually managed to leave my house a bit early today. Which is good, otherwise i would have ended up dithering around and packing another ten pounds of stuff into my bags. Not stuff i needed, but merely stuff I saw and couldn’t resist the challenge of trying to fit it into my bag. My drive down to the shuttle was fine. I got there early, the shuttle was clean, nearly empty and on time. I got to the airport and despite hellalot of people in front of me (okay, about 15) i was seated in Legal Seafoods at Terminal C 13 minutes after stepping uff the shuttle. This is several kinds of marvel at Logan. Normally it takes people twenty minutest to understand they do need their ID, and it is helpful to remember what city they are flying to. I adore competent travelers!.

I ate. for the first time in about 22 hours and the food was excellent even for Legal Seafoods. I saw hellalong lines at the check point. Marvel of marvels, it took less than 15 minutes to go from back of the line to shoes back on. I adore competent travelers!.I get to my terminal and there is something new. Something glorious and new. Something glorious and powerful and new. I speak of course of the power outlets installed int he new bench seats that not only don’t have stains and rips, have power outlets..I nearly leaped for joy. Instead, i sat down,. plugged my laptop in, hit the power button and heard The Call.

Yes, the call telling me my flights gate had been changed. I was ok with this. Really. Then I got to that gate, where there were also clean, unripped, powered chairs and found out sorry no connection for you ! Yep, the 13 minutes someone had booked between my landing in JFK and leaving for Denver wasn’t gonna work with the delay of the incoming flight. The nice, nice man offered me a direct flight. I said ‘Sure, you’re the best!‘ and nearly did a happy dance.Then he even called and got my bags moved. If he’d been a woman i would have proposed. Then he told me the bad news.My  shiny direct flight doesn’t leave until about three hours after the flght i was supposed to be on. Oddly, this new flight landed only about 35 minutes after the flight i should have been on. I went meh and trudged off to the bar. Here, my challenge is to remain sober enough over the next couple hours to be allowed to board my flight.

Sadly it is way to lound to do slush or anything productive.

  • meh
    Hell, here in Houston, Tx or anywhere on the coast for that matter..we were supposed be [according to the main screamer media] getting pounded into dog meat and drowned in the 2nd coming of Noah's flood…Tropical Storm Edouard. News Flash! all we got was some wind and several hours of rain. [in my case from about ohhhh…830am til….call it 1'ish.] It was supposed to rain from about 7am til sometime tonight. It hasn't rained in at least 4 fscking hours! There's nothing on the radar over my little neck of the woods..nor over most of the city. clouds? yeah we got clouds..at this moment the rain is pretty much all north of us…except for a few small cells south of us. Yep I definitely felt terrorized alright. Everything was supposed to flood…my hood never did…hell i went OUT in the rain to my stop and rob to get ice. A young punk took exception to the fact that something he bought…probably a black and mild or something like that, didn't work and demanded a new one. Got news for you its raining out andyour trying to light a stogie in the middle of it…who's the dips***? He came back in for a screaming match a minute or 2 later and threw stuff off the counter and all over the floor then ran like the little punk a** b**** he was because the store clerk was then dialing 911 to have his dumb ass arrested. I took my stuff after that and went home. Sigh..I HATE stupid people…and there's far too many of them in the world.

  • Yeah for competent travelers and power-strips! And oooh, the mysteries of time-bending air flights! Safe trip.

  • Have a great time, oh winged one. Don't let the other 'flies lead you too far astray [G]

    • we don't lead each other astray Amanda. We lead each other down the path to benevolent enlightenment. Now my dear child show Wolfie wherefor art the booze. 😛

  • enjoy
    Of course, without saying you'll a great time at the con…
    Look forward to reading the reports.