Those who were at Lunacon will be unsurprised that the Good is by far the longest section.

The good:
I arrived just before seven pm Thursday, having not eaten since mid day, I was merely famished. Dave & Barb Freer were in the lobby ready to start eating anyone who stopped moving, or was wearing an attractive cologne not having had a chance to eat since very early in the day. Eric Flint was there, as well as the Hoyt Collective. Mercedes Lackey and Larry Dixon arrived not to long after I did. We finally departed a bit after nine when it became noticeable that the Freer’s and I were possibly not joking about which people would taste best with teriyaki and which with mango and papaya slices.

We departed for a nearby Italian place that was good enough for me to go to lunch with someone the next day. It only stretched the restaurant a bit to have thirty rambunctious fans, and professionals arrive all at once. Most of us had an above average quality pizza and the conversations were varied and entertaining.

Saturday morning bright and early I managed to get to meet Chris McMahon for the first time at breakfast with Dave & Barb and ran to the store with Eric Flint.
Abbey Road (L to R, Chris McMahon, Dave Freer, Chuck Gannon)

Then I was off to panels and meetings which consumed most of the rest of my con.

Ginjer Buchanan and I had a drink while picking each others brains. After his panel with Ginjer, Merceds Lackey and Jim Minz, Chris looked relieved enough to only be surprised to be invited to the bar. Jim and Hank recounted a few tales and somehow some alcohol was evaporated, not drank because no one drinks alcohol at cons.

Like Chris I was awed by the choreography of the Opening Ceremonies. I had no idea that Speilberg did cons, much less that he was going to be at Luna. I thought the pyrotechnics were a bit over the top, and that possibly the writers of the speeches for the various guests may have left them sounding a bit stiff and unapproachable, but really it was very entertaining in an operatic sort of way. Dave Freer Reads luna 2009
(L to R)Mr Shirt, Leigh Grossman, Eric Flint(L to R Mr Shirt , Leigh Grossman FGoH, Eric Flint Toastmaster)
OC's (L to R, Leigh, Eric, Dave Freer GoH, Larry Dixon AGoH, Mercedes Lackey Special Guest)

This is Dave & artist Bob Eggleton with the cover for Dragon’s Ring due in stores this October. df, cover, bob

No noticeable snafus at all and a good time had.

The Bad:
Not enough time for the fun conversations with Tempest, Mary Robinette Kowal, Jane Jewel, Joshua Palmitier, Rosemary, and others. I also wish I’d spent more time in the green room than just the one two hour trip very late one night. I didn’t manage to hit any of the other parties at all.

The hotel somehow thinks $4 a cup is reasonable for a cup of coffee, the food was slightly above average but it was cheaper to eat at the Hyatt in Cambridge for Arisia.

Yet another hotel espired by Esher, or possibly designed as an alien landing signal. Go to the hotels website and look at the floor plan, really.

The Ugly:
Yes, yes I did order a drawing from Rober Quill.

Next Con:

  • Anonymous

    No one invited me. I probably won't make it up but if I'm free I might swing in for a day.

  • Anonymous

    No one invited me. I probably won't make it up but if I'm free I might swing in for a day.