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I had a great time going to for the day on Saturday. I ran into some friends, chatted with a few pro’s that  know and got reminded how much fun a con can be when one isn’t on the schedule. It’s the first time in more than five years I’ve been to a con and not on the schedule.

That said, it was still work. I was introduced by a panelist as an agent when i wandered into a panel that had folks I knew on it, and spent time chatting with several aspiring writers. I also ran two quick contests via Twitter/Facebook  (@onyxhawke) read some slush while waiting to go to dinner, and before giving blood. After the day started winding down I wandered into one of the parties (note for those working the con as pros these are social networking events disguised as promotional events, for fans they are theme parties) and picked up some news on the state of the business.

Who’s selling what to who, and why they are no longer working with someone else are things that can be more than a little important to my work. Among those I had time to speak to and actually remember now:  Gail Z Martin, Joshua Palmatier, Kate Paulk, Daniel Kimmel, Ester Friesner, Lawrence Schoen, Ginjer Buchanan, Patrica Bray, Laura Ann Gilman, and at least a half dozen other names you should know and I should be able to remember.

Some slush, and published book inspired posts should leak into the my forebrain and hopefully onto you screen soon  And for those who don’t want to sign up for Twitter, you can follow people by RSS feed.


Ran across the news that the Heroes in Hell series is returning this summer.

  • Welcome back to reality.

    • I had no idea LJ counted as reality. :-p

      • LJ is at least _more_ real than a con. A con is it's own , almost a different dimension.