In the near future I’ll be doing a guest blog or two for one or two sites. Yes, yes this is amazing since I seem to barely remember I have my own blog. But what can I say, I was bribed. Speaking of which.* If you really want something to think about bribing me with, this is kinda neat.

In April you’ll get a chance to hear my mostly incoherent babble in person. Having failed to learn from previous years the nice but misguided folks at Ravencon will be having me back again. Assuming my travel-fu is up to snuff this trip, I should be at the hotel my noon on Friday the 8th , and not leaving again until Monday the 10th. For those of you going who have seasonal allergies, take your meds, really. You’ll never catch up if you don’t, and it’s entirely too awesome a con to spend sneezing and blowing your nose.

Chuck Gannon has his spiffy new website up, Extremis which is due out real damn soon is a good bet for his topic of conversation at Ravencon, especially if he’s got a reading.

I showed off the cover of the sensational Ms Irene Radford’s Thistle Down which I’m sure you’ve all preordered already, but have you see what she and her friends are up to at Book View Cafe lately? 

Dave Freer, mentioned on his group blog that he’s turned in the sequel to Dragon’s Ring which just happens to be available in paperback as we speak. It’s called Dog and Dragon. I of course have the turned in copy. If I were a horribly cruel human being I might lose three or four random pages of this at Ravencon. But of course I’m not. truly.

Sadly, James Enge won’t be at Ravencon this year. But I will be giving away some books here and there at panels, and at random, including his latest The Wolf Age. You should probably check my Twitter and Facebook pages for updates during the con. @onyxhawke As several of the giveaways will be essentially at random.

Oh yeah, love the novel just turned into me. Need to find the right smart editor to take it off my hands.

*Bribes may or may not be accepted, are always appreciated but will never affect my choice in picking up titles/clients.