Posted: 22nd May 2007 by onyxhawke in Uncategorized
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I think, one day i may have to write my own lexicon of frequently used writing terms. It’ll probably save no amount of time for my friends and clients if i send it to them along with my critiques…

Now if i just had time to write it.

  • Would these terms be humorous or otherwise? I've always considered myself a bit of a lexiconaut (a word of my invention, but true nonetheless), so I'd like to see this list.

    • Um… mostly me-ish in nature. Usually an additional meaning for an already accepted word.
      Yesterdays was "fluffy" for a book that while the writing reminded me in an odd and indirect way of Ellen Kushner's had way to many amplifiers in it and a few unneeded scenes.

      • I always just called that sort of thing "inefficient," but what the heck? Fluffy works.
        Like Persian cats, fluffy books are for some people, but most of us just find them annoying.