It is your last chance to vote in the P&E polls.
Dave Freer & Eric Flint are ahead in the Best SF/F Novel and Dave is currently near the top of the best Author ranks. Go vote!

In the other categories, friends of mine that I’m told were nominated included Sarah Hoyt, James Enge (for a short), Toni Weiskopf, Eric Flint,  and a few others who’s names escape my feeble mind.

And I got my Arisia schedule:

272 Making Tropes Interesting Paul Revere B Literature   Sat 5:00 PM Duration: 01:00
308 Mirror Neurons, Empathy, and "Theory of Mind" Paul Revere A Science   Sat 8:00 PM Duration: 01:00
635 Bad Contracts and Publishing Scams Room 201 Literature   Sun 12:00 PM Duration: 01:00
4 Bioethics in Theory and Practice BU Suite (Regency Club) Science   Sun 1:00 PM Duration: 01:00

506 Grok, Hobbit! Paul Revere A Literature   Mon 12:00 PM Duration: 01:00

The rest of the time i’ll probably wander through the dealers areas, the bar, the con suite, the bar, the green room, the bar, the lobby, the bar, the room parites, and i may remember to sleep…

Reading a good submission by someone I’m not familiar with take waaaay more time than reading a published novel by someone I’m not familiar with.

  • Might I suggest Exelon (Rivastigmine Tartrate)?–it works wonders in individuals with your condition.

    • Dementia treatment? Hmm. I think I'm even more confused now…
      For me it's the fact that for a submission… I'm reading with two brains. One is the "reader" which usually sits out the dreck, and stuff not quite good enough to be called that. On top of that is the "agent" brain, which is the most analytic part of my personality. When i'm reading something with cover art (aka published) I don't tend to analyze it nearly is as much…

  • Anonymous

    I'm assuming that reading a bad submission is faster because, well, you stop reading and say 'no'?

    • Gah. I keep forgetting that I've not set myself to auto-login when on an LJ site…

      • Yes. A bad read get's a rejection… sometimes it takes longer to download the file than it does to decide on it.

  • So, there is a chance of finding you if I look in the bar…? ;>

  • Anonymous

    RE the PS
    Well, I Hope so. If not, I would worry about you as an agent.
    W Lehman