Hours Saved

Posted: 12th November 2012 by onyxhawke in Uncategorized

I attempt to improve my brain on a regular basis. Often the most interesting lessons I learn, are of the “Oh [Censored] now how do i fix it variety.” In today’s case a file I’d made quite a few changes too apparently lost those changes, or I forgot to save it when moving from a friends computer back to the mine.

Fortunately, SugarSync* saved my bacon, and hours, and hours of work. In one of my synced folders I clicked on the name of the file, and then “versions”. It saved the past five. When I clicked on that I got this pic:


Each version you select and download has a time stamp appended to the end so you keep track of them while you recover your data. If I didn’t love Sugarsync already, this would be more than enough reason to.

*A referral link, yes I get  free space, no they don’t pay me. Enjoy.