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For those of you on Facebook who have friended me, how hard is it to find my occupation? Or intuit it? I had a post in a group that shall remain nameless deleted because they said there was no mention of my being an agent in my profile.

  • It's under work. Logical place.

  • "M? M, as in *moron*, Otis? Or N, as in *nincompoop*? *Numbskull*? *Neanderthal*!"
    –Lex Luthor (Gene Hackman), in Superman
    Oy. Some people's children…

  • Dear Ms. Hawke,
    despite our vast resources and many personal man hours spent searching your profile, we have been unable to determine that you have indeed the authority to post on our beloved, important and progressive community.
    We appreciate your cooperation in the matter and as always, feel free to donate.
    Jo Himaschmuck,
    Undersecretary for the Admittance Council,
    Unnamed Facebook Community
    Want change? Donate today!

  • extcreta-for-brains
    May I ask if this was a writing-related forum? Sf/fantasy? And if so: which planet are they living on?

    • Re: extcreta-for-brains
      I would guess the alternate universe in which they lost their last brain cell.
      I sincerely HOPE it wasn't a writing forum, because Ye Onyx One pasted the original 'objection' in my direction, and it was curiously devoid of spelling or grammar.

  • CLEARLY, you recently added the word "Agency" to your title and the "Agent Provocateur" subtitle … oh, yeah, and the "agent" part to your bio … just to prove you were right and the poster was mistaken.
    You're so sneaky, maybe you really ARE an agent!

  • ohh apparently someone doesn't know how to read. big shock.

  • Anonymous

    On Facebook? *mocks*

  • Oh my. Some people need to work on their reading comprehension skills. Seriously.