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Posted: 3rd July 2008 by onyxhawke in Uncategorized

Who’s going to Worldcon?

I’ll be there the whole time, as i probably mentioned.

And is anyone local? If so can you recommend a local restaurant or two that is/are close enough to walk to?

  • Me Me Me
    Now if I ever get out of the Staff Den, that will be something.

    • I'm sure a certain lady we know will drag you out for a while.
      You can look at napkins and table cloths for the wedding!

      • No, she says I did it to myself and have to look after myself.

        • Don't forget that you also have to amuse me.

          • Sorry I will provide the toys you have to amuse yourself. Do not forget to take pictures!

      • Well, I certainly plan on dragging him out for a while, but it won't be to look at napkins and tablecloths. 😉

  • I'll be there! 🙂
    Sorry to say I'm not a local, however.
    Maybe I'll get a chance to meet you….

    • I won't be hard to find, even at worldcon. Look in the bar. And depending on who i know in the dealers room, i could be there often as well. After the parties start i cruise those.

    • Oh yes, and i have panels. I'm sure it will be hard to tell, but i'll be the guy who answers to "Michael Kabongo", if there are two guys with that name run, a dimensional portal has opened and the rest of you are doomed.

  • I'll be there also. However, I *will* make it out of the staff den.

  • I'll be there and I'm regional – by Worldcon is local, and I'll hopefully know a couple of decent restaurants by then.
    (The neighborhoods I'm looking to live in are walking distance from the convention center. Worldcon should *literally* be local to me.)
    No restaurant recommendations right now, but give me a month…

    • I really just need to know two places, one good for a quick coffee/drink in peace and one thats got good food, decent service and can accommodate 20-30 people at the drop of a hat.

  • I'll be there.

    • Yes, yes you will. I'd been warned. 😛

      • True…but you won't be able to hide, especially since I'll be hiding in the bar or dealers rooms most of the time.

  • *raises hand*
    But you knew that.

  • I'm going, I'm going, and I'm even on three panels, yaaay!
    And as for restaurants–there's a whole bunch on 16th street (called the 16th street Mall), which is walkable. There's a Hard Rock and several other places. I'm a former local, but it's been five years so I can't say for sure what's there. However–if you manage to snag someone with a car, you can go visit the world's largest indoor Mexican restaurant called Casa Bonita, which is a little ways east on Colfax. The food isn't that great, but it's got cliff divers and magic shows and mariachis and a cheesy cave to walk through.

    • Unless they've really gone downhill, the sopapillas at Casa Bonita are fabulous.

  • I'll be there.
    Not a local, though, so have no clue about what the food scene will be like. Not worried. Will figure it out.

  • I won't, but my boss will. 🙂

  • I'll be there (I've got 2 panels & a reading scheduled, plus I'll put in time at the Broad Universe book table). It'll be my first visit to Denver, so I'm also a newbie to the area. Next stop: Readercon (my first time back in Boston/environs in 5 years).