Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted: 23rd November 2011 by onyxhawke in Uncategorized

It’s that time of the year again for Americans, the battle to do three thousand rounds of holiday greetings, meetings, family and business gatherings and all the rest we do and still somehow sleep is upon us. Try not to forget why the holidays exist. This is one of my favorites, it has two priorities: cook good food, spend time with family.


So what’s your favorite dish?

Favorite tradition?

And of course the question that has divided American households and family’s for decades: turkey or ham?

I’m an avowed carnivore, and prefer ham to turkey, but my mashed carrots or stuffing are wonderful.


Happy Thanksgiving, enjoy the time wherever you are.

  • I make mean deviled eggs, but sweet potato casserole is my weakness. And ham is for Christmas.

  • Mris

    I was not even aware turkey vs. ham was a Thanksgiving debate! I should tell my grandmother. She insists on turkey. (If I had my way it’d be lasagna.)