Good Businesses

Posted: 25th August 2009 by onyxhawke in Uncategorized
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All of us have made complaints about bad businesses. Hell, I did a con report last year where I did everything but name the employees responsible for a ruined evening.

Few of us ever thank good businesses publicly.

Here’s one that’s moderately on topic, and useful to more than one person out there.

The folks at Dynoplex makers of eOffice, have had me as a customer for years. They will almost certainly keep me as a customer for many more years. Today, I got some excellent, efficient, and personable service from Daniel.

Anyone looking for an office suite for their BlackBerry should give them a try. They have a free trial, and support for Mac’s via the desktop.

  • I'll put 2c in for Dell here. This machine came from them; it's been out of warranty for about six months now. They have *no* particular obligations to me.
    I asked them to send me a new startup disk – you know, one of those CDs you use to reinstall the form of WinXP that came on the machine. They sent it. Free of charge. Not just by USPS, which would have been just fine by me, but by *FedEx Priority Overnight*, which I know from shipments *I've* made isn't cheap.
    It cost them probably $20 (to ship a half-ounce package) that they didn't have to spend. On the other hand, it's pretty much guaranteed that I'll be buying this machine's successor from Dell.
    I've had similar experiences with T-Mobile. When present plan is up… yeah, I know from subway ads that I can get significantly more minutes (unlimited texts/minutes/internet) for meaningfully less than I'm paying T-Mobile… but unless I hear *really awesome* word of mouth about one of those competitors, T-Mobile's service has pretty much assured them my money for years to come.
    Not directly related to office suites, but I thought I'd highlight a couple of other businesses I've had extremely positive experience with.
    That's the other thing about being a good business: happy customers talk just as much as pissed-off ones.