Facebook’s new TOS

Posted: 16th February 2009 by onyxhawke in Uncategorized
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Facebook’s current terms of service give them the right to do what they wish with any content you post for as long as you leave it up. This means your stories, pictures, wall conversations and comments on other peoples notes. I’ve already stopped feeding my LiveJournal into Facebook and won’t restore it until they have sensible, and non preadatory TOS’s. More here.

  • The LJ/Facebook posting thingy I'm using is on the LJ side (it's in the account settings on paid accounts). It just posts a link to Facebook but it doesn't copy anything else over from LJ. That doesn't seem any worse than being in Google results.
    OTOH, I'll be sure to post important stuff only on LJ.

    • to the best of my knowledge, Google isn't claiming they can use say snippets of your book to earn a profit.

  • 2low4blows

    @_KoolKidKellz she news advice I was like wtf and yeah me.either aha

  • itsHWoodBxtch

    so the news givin advice to all the counties nd shit, [mind yu baltimore city news station) instead of tellin US wtf to do !