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Posted: 19th May 2011 by onyxhawke in Uncategorized
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The/a first "earth like‘ planet has been confirmed (at least as well as can be done without a visit). It’s just about twenty light years away. So assuming reasonable comfort to get their and that you could take say 125lbs of cargo with you.

Would you go? What would you take?

I’d go, even if it were going to be three or four generations before arrival.

I’d take, books both fiction and non fiction. I’d probably take a gun or four and some ammo or at least tools for making ammo. Clothing seems obvious too. and some form of recording equipment to pass down an diary/history of the travel.

  • Anonymous

    It depends
    Hmm. Are you assuming a generation spaceship or a stasis ship?
    If it's a generation ship, I'd bring a laptop with my favorite software–raytracing programs, code development tools, and a word processor. I'd use them to teach the next generation the two most important things they can know: their history and how to create.
    If it's a stasis ship, I'd probably be more practical and bring survival gear.
    In either case, I'd bring books and black licorice 🙂

    • Re: It depends
      Either one. Although a 20 year voyage at light speed has to count as a generation. You'd have to get to say four or five times light speed to even consider having everyone awake if stasis was a viable, easy and repeatable _low mass_ option.

  • I'd take an ebook reader and hope for a good connection over there near Cygni B…

  • Books, a dairy, and a stash of microwave Christmas puddings 🙂 If there isn't Christmas pudding on Cygnus B, I'm not going!

  • take me
    I'd go in a heartbeat

  • I would go buck naked. 😉 It might set a trend.
    In psychotherapy.

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  • kirstenaurelius

    Shopping list for space travel or hurricanes:
    Loaded iPod and back-up power supply; music is a necessity.
    Books: SciFi, Fantasy, edgy YA, literary thrillers, blank books for writing.
    Toilet paper