Posted: 9th December 2006 by onyxhawke in Uncategorized

I recieved a contract for one of my clients books yesterday, more later.

  • Yayness!

  • You know, you're making me feel better and better about my decision. 🙂

    • The proper order is:
      Finish the novel, submit, wait, wait, wait longer, i contact you, we talk, you wonder what the hell happend to my brain, we dedide yea or nay, and assuming yea: go from there.

      • Re: The proper order is:
        Hey, I was talking about you being the one to crack the whip man.
        42,000 words in eight days? I've never produced so much word crack so quickly.

        • Re: The proper order is:
          Ah that.
          What are you doing reading this when you could, no should be writing??

          • Re: The proper order is:
            I almost broke 50,000 words today total. I'm taking a break.

            • Re: The proper order is:
              You're not supposed to be breaking them you're supposed to _write_ them.

  • Conga-rats, OM.

  • Congratulations!
    Now you're a real agent, right?
    So you can get working on getting one for mine 😉

    • The D publisher shall get a visit from the polite inquiry fairy either mailed or called in tuesday.