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In the past couple day’s I’ve talked to and read the blogs of more clients at once than I normally manage. The odd thing I noticed is that in differing ways I and my clients are quite similar. One just posted on how little he thinks of Angelina Jolie’s acting skills, and i was not aware she had any. Another client and I were discussing movies that we loved and directors we hated. Both of us loved Batman Begins and hope Dark Knight will not be a let down, and we’re also of the opinion that M. Knight Shamalan and Quentin Terentino have each produced their one good movie in their career and can retire with our thanks anytime. A fourth client and i have a similar love for the behavior of politicians across the globe and skew heavily towards the same political range. A fifth is also a fan of snarking and small groups or being alone, we’re planning to go hide over a lunch or two at WorldCon.

I wonder how much of this is simply coincidence, and how much of it is that they simply have to have a few similar traits in order for them to write something I will want to represent. It’s certainly not that we are all the same age, as my clients range from their early 20’s to the 50’s (of those i know the age of, and I don’t actually care how old any of them are). Location is also not factor since at the moment there are clients in five countries and the closest two to me are in Ohio and North Carolina.

  • It couldn't have anything to do with their and your mutual self-selection to be involved in a certain category of literate entertainment, now could it?

    • Hmm… not really.
      John Ringo and i for example don't have very much in common. We don't tend to approach things the same way, and we don't have very similar taste in recreations.
      Lois Bujold while otherwise a wonderful woman is one of those weird critters who has been afflicted with a love for anime, again not my flagon of vodka.

  • Both of us loved Batman Begins and hope Dark Knight will not be a let down
    *raises hand*
    I'm in that camp, too. And also in the camp of people who favor small groups and/or one-on-one interactions. 🙂

    • Yeah, that's the hardest aspect of cons. I put on my crowd-persona and do my unladylike best. But I am happiest in a small mob. And if I really like and trust you, I'll let mr sarcasm out of his cage and snipe 🙂