Having a blast at Ravencon, per usual.

My flight out Friday morning was perfect, we boarded a bit late, but I’ve never seen such a large jet have everyone boarded and belted so fast. If i had to guess I’d say it took less than fifteen minutes for the nearly two hundred folks on board to get settled. After that I kept wondering when we passed through the wormhole, the normal flight time from Boston to Richmond is about an hour and twenty minutes. We got in about twenty-five minutes early. I’m almost certain we were fifteen feet off the ground on the taxiway at Logan, and that we touched down four plane lengths from the gate and furrowed the tarmac sliding in.

On the other hand I’d been up more than twenty four hours when I landed. The hotel actually let me check in very early and after dropping my bag I still had time for the continental breakfast. I love getting to the hotel early in the day before there’s a hundred people at the desk. The con is sharing the hotel with some sort of high school group, and the two to three hundred teens here in prom-like cloths and the fans make an odd contrast.

My first eleven o’clock panel was at Tech for Writers. Somehow I was moderator. Since none of the panelists through anything at me I don’t think I did too badly. But me and any conjugation of "moderate" that doesn’t include a negation is amusing. Some of the things we discussed were:

Back up tech and tools like external drives, cloud backups like SugarSync, Idrive and simply emailing files to yourself.

Having a comfortable work environment: Good chair, natural lightning, good monitor, and wrist pads for typing.

While MS Word alternatives were discussed, it generally agreed that as an industry standard even if you composed in Word Perfect, Google Docs, Scrivener or one of the other word processors you should probably have a copy of Word to open the file in and check for conversion errors.

So far I’ve spent time chatting with half the pro’s in the con, had an excellent dinner last night, and some fantastic Vietnamese at Siagon River for lunch today. Now I’m off to more derring do or at least more business.

  • Anonymous

    Somehow I managed to be there all day without crossing paths with either you or Kate. I'm not sure how that happened, but I'm hoping to rectify it in the morning. 🙂