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One of the more interesting writing tricks I’ve heard of is having a character write a letter on a specific topic to get a feel for how their head works. Below is the letter for a character to recommend someone for a fire arms permit. You have 11 minutes to write and post a message from when you read this. All posts will be enjoyed.

 To: Fire Arms Licensing officer Malden Police Department, I have known Michael Hawke since June of 2008. He was my immediate supervisor for several months. Mike is a great guy, he throws totally bitchin parties with all the blow you can imagine, professionals for all tastes. He smuggled in these Panamanian triplets that make me wanna move, damn their fine but with the acne they look way to old now. He even told me how to get out paying taxes by using the social of kids that die real young. Give him the license he’s already got the guns and the long drives to the Canadian border to buy ammo cost a lot of money that we could spend on acid.  

Desmond Deville

  • Mr. Deville,
    We would love to meet your friend Mike Hawke, he sounds like a real go-to guy. We are hosting a party in his honor on Thursday June 17th at 7p.m. at the Malden Police Headquarters. We will have an open bar and some fantastic blow. Please feel free to bring Mr. Hawke as your V.I.P guest. Hope to see you then,
    Joe Hammond,
    Malden Police Department,
    Fire Arms Licensing Officer

  • Hm. While one of mine would come up with a lovely bit about how so and so would be a good candidate for shoulder-cannon, the other is doing this "if I recommended someone, they'd never get it, so they should just steal it — probably would anyway" routine. *snicker*
    (And over in another universe, a third is protesting that she's not in law enforcement, not in mental health, and therefore why would anyone have any use for an indentured AI's opinion on the matter? Biologicals, augh!)

  • Gun Permit
    I recommend giving a gun permit to Michael Hawke. He tends to have episodes of extreme violence yelling, damaging property and fights. Diagnosed with Bipolar disorder, he often missing medications for days if not weeks. In the past he has mixed his medications with alcohol, making his rage uncontrollable.
    It would be better that he have a gun, then left to his wits. He isn’t the best shot in the world. With a gun he’s not as apt to repeat an episode, when he loaded a powerful jet-skirt gun with lighter fluid, soaked the side of a house and tossed a match.
    With a gun, his target has a running chance. As I said, he is a terrible shot. If he manages to hit his intended target, even if wounding them, he’d likely put in another bullet at pointblank range.
    Restraining orders have proven ineffective. Time committed inside of a mental institution had little impact on sorting reality from fiction. He is always right and never wrong, at least in his mind. He has failed to understand that ninety percent of the time your mind lies to you.
    Please, please, please give a permit. I have relocated a number of times, yet he continues to track me down. I’d rather he shot me than douse me with lighter fluid.

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