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The boffins at Amazon have pulled together six new web series they want folks to rate. Your cat could make your baby blind. Chromosome segregation is something we can all embrace, especially since cancer cases have a 90% prevalence when it breaks down. There may just be a habitable planet orbiting Tau Ceti. If there […]

Brain Fodder: Good News Addendum

Posted: 17th December 2012 by onyxhawke in Brain Fodder

For some reason this didn’t show up in the last post. Work safe.

Given the recent nonsense, I’m going to start this collection off with something that should make you smile and is entirely work safe: And football being the only sport worth watching that’s actually being played right now (Thank Jeremy Jacobs and Gary Bettman!!) The DC character I think should be next up for a major […]

2012-11-24So you need to chart the heavenly vista for your opus magnus? Not a new concern. Try this. A little remind that not all things are improved with quantity. What do you mean you need to know where the stars are before you can draw them? Blasphemous thought! If you haven’t heard of Kelvin Doe, […]

A woman with two uteri, gave birth not long ago to two babies, one developed in each uterus. Yes, this is rare. A space saving, water craft you can put in your closet and still have room for shoes. It’s not quite George Jetson’s foldup car, but a kayak that compacts neatly is still pretty […]

Battlefield maps aren’t really difficult to come by, but getting one map with absolute brain breaking loads of the them from a source known for quality? Just about unheard of. Click here and drool. One of the fascinating differences between introverts, like say Charles Darwin or Albert Einstein on one hand and extroverts such as […]

Because Facebook needs another way to suck you into wasting more time: Behold the Video Chat App Airtime. Selling your wares at the local con? Here’s a tip. Possible answer to why some people just can’t lose weight. Imagine constructing a virus for bio-warfare on this idea… From the category of “Scum of the earth” […]

It’s time for another round of things that make you go hmm; 4Moms is startup aimed at making the lives of every mother who coms after them easier with some of the most tech enabled gear on the planet. Got a few extra pounds to lose but can’t afford time away from your desk? No […]

One of Saturn’s moons, the one named for the Olympians predecessors, appears to have some lakes at the equator, which surprises the scientists. Religion and freedom prove that nothing is truly free. Ukrainian bears and vodka are having a parting of the ways. I wonder how they got them to admit they had a problem? […]

Baldassare Castiglione is your noble of the day. He’s also one of those charming renaissance men. He wrote a book called The Courtier. An interesting quote: The courtier must be; noble, skilled at war, a good dancer, an excellent conversationalist, moderate at all times, graceful, elegant, good with his hands, artistic. More debate on Pluto’s […]

This is possibly the most important discovery in biology since DNA itself. In very short it may give us some of the answers to why genetic variation within and between species can create so many similarities and differences. For example the black fur in canines is believed to have originated in domestic (prehistoric) animals, and […]

About one percent of the worlds population meets the clinical definition of psychopath. Now, more ways of parsing that one percent from the ninety nine percent have been developed based on the way they speak. (#OccupyInstitutions¬† ?) Apple sues and loses to a tablet competitor in Spain. One of the most famous crops in America […]

Brain Fodder: Space Junk, Roach Coaches, Cosmic Rays

Posted: 9th September 2011 by onyxhawke in Brain Fodder
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Once more into the breach, it’s time to put your mental feet to the fire and spend a few minutes wondering what could be made of a few good links. For reasons entirely unknown to most of humanity various organizations are suggesting NASA make plans to remove the debris skimming across the outer atmosphere. I […]

Brain Fodder: Helicopter kids, Allergens, Jello Eyes

Posted: 2nd September 2011 by onyxhawke in Brain Fodder

  Are you offended by your kids being called helicopter kids? If you are, you probably should be. As the rest of us have been telling you for years, and years YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG. There are several scientific studies that prove this. It’s long been known that allergies are (in a gross over simplification) […]

Some people argue against the evolution of fire breathing dragons based on silly things like never having met one or even the issues that could be involved in the creation of fire.¬† Well, we know the second one isn’t as much of an issue as some people would have you believe based on the bombardier […]