A woman with two uteri, gave birth not long ago to two babies, one developed in each uterus. Yes, this is rare.

A space saving, water craft you can put in your closet and still have room for shoes. It’s not quite George Jetson’s foldup car, but a kayak that compacts neatly is still pretty cool.

Thistle Down

By Irene Radford

Your three kids are beastly? You poor dear, I bet they don’t quite have the growl of the rare sumatran tiger.

Sure, some people might think a gator in the server cooling pond is a manifestation of the law of unintended consequences, but personally I think it was all part of a Google marketing plan.

Marriage is a subject that has so many views it is almost a meaningless word. Yet, the “m” word is a topic that will get people to open up and express themselves in a way few things can. Impact Lab is talking about the changing face of marriage. Specifically asking if men look at it different these days.

So, what do we think is causing Jupiter’s spots? Planetary chickenpox? Sympathy pollution blight?

Jupiter's Three Spots


One of the big mysteries of the world is how with so much genetic similarity there is across the animal kingdom at large, and within primates in particular, how humans ended up so different from their closes kin. The differences appear to start with gene expression.

And the father of flying fish appears to have been found, Jerry Spring is apparently willing to have him meet his children on his show…