Brain Fodder: Space Junk, Roach Coaches, Cosmic Rays

Posted: 9th September 2011 by onyxhawke in Brain Fodder
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Once more into the breach, it’s time to put your mental feet to the fire and spend a few minutes wondering what could be made of a few good links.

For reasons entirely unknown to most of humanity various organizations are suggesting NASA make plans to remove the debris skimming across the outer atmosphere. I can’t possibly understand why colliding with a high speed chunk of alloy and plastic could be bad.

One can only imagine what various past American Presidents & Congressional bodies would make of  the frequency with which members of our southern neighbors government cross our border uninvited, and shoot at Americans. One can’t but help wonder what provisions they would have made or prevented the enactment of to accomplish this. Presidents Jackson, Roosevelt, Lincoln spring to mind quite readily.

Traveling service carts are one of those odd bits of Americana that have spawned colorful nicknames like “roach coach”, and lead to all sorts of gourmet to greasy eateries on wheels. Now one facility in Chile has gotten its own custom built coach, but it isn’t for the people there.

They say you can’t build a solid foundation on sand,  scientists are trying to see the effects of cosmic rays on the building blocks of life. One has to wonder what the Fantastic Four would have done differently if they had one of these.

This looks oh, so practical, note the weight at the bottom.

And finally, what nefarity could your characters get done with one or more of these?