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Time once again to fuel the hind brain that it may fuel thy writing.

From the category of reading to much into things I present the villainization of Toy Story 3, Ratatouille and the scurrilous scum at Pixar . Stuff like this does make me wonder if certain folks are ever not offended. Seriously. There are persistent rumors of my prickly nature and I can’t imagine me noticing these things without enormous wits like these fine┬áproletariats. Thanks Einar

New treatment for rare tumors by freezing their progress

Fishy fish labels fouled fairly.

I don’t have any real problem with trying to clone or recreate extinct species, and the mammoth is undoubtedly a better choice than the dinosaur, but I do wonder how much of modern plantlife a species that has been gone a few thousand years would eat.

I’m hardly a data security specialist, but I think at 37% increase in security risks to a platform would make me very careful about allowing it near any sensitive data.

One of my current issues with the genres heroes and heroines is we seem to be stuck in a pattern of luck and having the right opinions leading to success. Some of the most loved characters in entertainment over the last couple millennium have been the smart, savvy and innovate type. Odysseus was one, Robin Hood is to a certain degree, as is King Arthur, more recently Ms Marple, MacGyver, and others have left their legacy. All hail the smart hero.

It seems that part of what we’ve known about wild goats is wrong. Their mating cycles aren’t as linear or universal as some would think.

Your RNA is apparently big enough to wander around by itself.