2012-11-24So you need to chart the heavenly vista for your opus magnus? Not a new concern. Try this.

A little remind that not all things are improved with quantity.

Political Parties http://www.reagencydesign.com/products/241597-political-party-monsters-preorder-s-xl

What do you mean you need to know where the stars are before you can draw them? Blasphemous thought!

If you haven’t heard of Kelvin Doe, shame shame! He’s one of those kids who does some damn impressive stuff.

Everyone has pretty distinct handwriting, do any of your characters write in one of these fonts? Do you ever pick a font for your characters?

This planet is so big its star is clearly overcompensating.

The solar system has clearly been lying about its age. This is unconscionable, and it needs to be punished.

In birds we think of imprinting as an all or nothing occurrence, that doesn’t appear to be the case in wallabys.

Know someone for whom time is a relative concept? Maybe, they are a living example of what the BaBar team has been studying?

When we age, we don’t just see differently, we read differently.

  • Marshall Ryan Maresca

    All right, will let you know what I think about SkyChart…