Authors i have read in the SF/F spectrum

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I did point out I was delusional in my last post, i think not so bad as I suspected, but still noticeably. Fifty is probably a bit of reach. My point was that I strongly doubt anyone could write a SF/F novel that I’d pick up and want to represent if they haven’t read a signifigant number of in genre books, of some variety. Much as i love the works of Lois Bujold and Steven Brust, if those are only two authors you’ve ever read, and you send me something I’m probably going to gag and say “no thanks” after about ten pages.

These are some of the people I have read, some I liked, some I did not, they are inserted in the order that I can think of them and no other. Apologies in advance for the butchered names.

Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, C.E. Murphy, Mercedes Lackey, Robin Hobb, David Coe, David Drake, Lois Bujold, Dave Freer, Aldous Huxley, Michael Z Williamson, David Weber, Rob Thurman, Ray Bradbury, Orson Scott Card, Raymond Feist, Eric Flint, William Tenn, Piers Anthony, Terry Brooks,

Terry Pratchett, Laura Resnick, Holly Lisle, Kate Elliot, Rosemarie Edgehill, Frank Herbert, Christopher Paolini, Christopher Rowley, Robert Asprin, Lynn Abbey, William Sleator, Brian Jaques, J.K. Rowling, Sarah A Hoyt, Ellen Goun, George R. R. Martin, Steve White, Jane Lindskold, K. D. Wentworth, Lars Walker,

Robert Jordan, Diana Wynne Jones, J. V. Jones, Joanne Bertin, Elizabeth Haydon, Gayle Greeno, L.E. Modesitt, Janny Wurts, Dan Simmons, Madeline L’Engle, David Eddings, Kristain Britton, Leigh Eddings, R. A. Salvatore, Irene Radford, Fred Saberhagen, P.N. Elrod, Aaron Alston, Ellen Kushner, Steven Brust,

Justina Robson, Spider Robinson, Asimov, Hal Clement, Heinlein, Elizabeth Moon, Steve Stirling, Harry Turtledove, Guy Gavriel Kay, Katherine Kurtz, Susan Cooper, Roland Green, James Hogan, Jack L. Chalker, Greg Bear, C. J. Cherryh, Alan Dean Foster, Charles Sheffield, John Norman, Gordon R. Dickson,

Mark Shepherd, Charles de Lint, Jody Lynn Nye, Ursula Le Guin, Douglas Adams, T. H. White, Poul Anderson, Kelley Armstrong, Melanie Rawn, Mickey Zucker Reichert, Robert Silverberg, Alice Borchardt,  Dennis L. McKiernan, Nigel Bennet. Sheri S. Tepper, Doranna Durgin, Linda Evans, Morgan Llywelyn, H.G. Wells…

…that’s the list of names I could come up with before I started having trouble counting to ten. There’s probably at least twice as many people who I’ve read in SF/F who either only had one novel out, or who bored me enough that i don’t even recall their names. And probably another ninety to a hundred who I read short fiction by. 

  • Who am I reading?
    Last four authors I've read or currently reading
    Louis Lamour
    Ralph Cotton
    F. Paul Wilson
    Robert Ludlum
    On list to buy
    David Freer
    Yasmine Galenorn
    Mike Z Williamson
    My older books are packed, unless used as a writing tool. Planning to move again, no sense to unpack.
    Your list raises the questions; What books do I buy? Listing them is a great idea, asking why these authors and who am I overlooking?

    • Re: Who am I reading?
      Listing them was mostly a mental exercise for me, sadly the brain is in at least as bad a shape as the body. The other part was a response to a reply to that last entry.

  • *…goes ticking off the ones she remembers reading — sieve-head for names, many times — adds Anne McCaffery, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Andre Norton, Diana Wynne Jones, Diane Duane, Barbara Hambly (as "literary" in style as leGuin, and wrote Bride of the Rat God…), John M. Ford, Tanya Huff…*
    *goes to get breakfast for kid*

  • Do you have a library thing at… That's the link to mine. Those are just the books I've read recently and the ones I remember reading over the years.

    • Gah, no time. I should probably get one some day…

  • I happen to be a fan of good reads and my page there <a href="” target=”_blank”>
    I am slowly trying to get all of my books collected there and also on a database I can carry around on my palm. What I really need is a database that fills itself in, and lives on my palm

  • Coming from the background I do, I'm amazed at the number of those authors I HAVE read. Who knew…