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I had a really good time at Arisia. I got to see some fans, writers and other folk I either hadn’t met or haven’t seen in too long.

Of the people I’ve never met before I had fun talking to Mark Van Name and Gardner Dozois. Both were forced to share a panel with me on Anthology building and didn’t seem to have complained to anyone about me which must mean I was behaving, which is all the more amazing since the hotel and con have both gone over to the Darkside known as Pepsi and i was having withdrawal by that point.

Mark Van Name also hosted the Baen party at Arisa and I spent some time there with other fans around the other parties explored.

The City as Character panel was fun. I met a local author who a mutual friend has been trying to get me into the same place at the same time with since Jay Leon had a late night show, had a fun panel with all the folks involved.

Some none writer folks I met you might want to check out:

Trevor, intrepid Miniatures artist:

Eric Rosenfield the "Not A Geek" who was sitting in the middle of a SF/F con, wearing an OSX tshirt, discussing the inherent worth of labels like geek, and how they it related to his whole personhood.

There was also Free Lunch Comics

And the hilarious Diane Williams & Stafford L Battle of 22nd Century Press.

And of course what would a con be without the fans?

Jennythereader who comments here’s bag was a delight:

And I somehow failed to grab this Lady’s name, or webhandle, but she gave me the best laugh of the weekend with her comment on the Tshirt:

AASSR = After Action Sleep & Shoveling Report

  • Mark's a cool dude; I'm glad you got to meet and hang out with him some.
    I really like the "friendly introvert" button–may need to get one for myself.