Arisia- Monday!

Posted: 21st January 2008 by onyxhawke in Uncategorized
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Holy Hell. Someone explain to me how i fell asleep around four and woke up at quarter past seven and can manage to type in that nearly competent way i generally manage. Please, really. I’m not a morning person, i don’t play one on tv and i didn’t even have more than a cup of coffee yesterday?
Now onto near relevance:
I’ve become convinced that Fen are not made for four day cons. By midday yesterday everyone (over 18) was dragging. Even some of the twelve to eighteen crowd were moving at less than full speed. The only party i know of was a semi quiet affair where there were a few people from Pi-Con, a guy from some con in the mid Atlantic traded bad jokes and con creep stories.

I ran into the moderator of my Appeal of Evil panel and she, I, the fabulous Sara Harvey and about half a dozen others were seen talking for about an hour outside the con suite from two thirty to three thirty while Sara and i ostensibly looked for Michael Whitehouse. Tim Lieder and I managed to talk several times, and I nearly had a conversation with Jeff Mach as he was wandering about around two O’clock.

Overall its been a fun con, but I’m way to tired for anything erudite…

  • It was fabulous to have an impromptu intellectual chat/bitch session about trainwreck panels. You are always GREAT COMPANY at a con! Keep me updated on Ravencon and other East Coast happenings, okay?
    It was totally shiny to see you! Come on down to Hypericon in June, if'n you get the chance!