Ambrose Cover!

Posted: 19th February 2009 by onyxhawke in Uncategorized
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Finally! I saw the preview I wasn’t allowed to share, and now, there is this cover final and one for all to look at. I tried to get a larger image into the post, but apparently Picsa, myself, and LiveJournal aren’t a good mix.

Here’s the Picsa link. And I’m sure you’ve all preordered already so I won’t point out that large preorders make editors happy, and being happy makes them much more pliable when I twist their arms for additional books and better terms.

  • That's great! It's really attractive. I love it.

  • Looks good. But when I first glanced at the thumbnail picture, I thought he was carrying a tree for some reason. (Instead of a sword with some crows above it.)