Well, I ended the con the right way. Exhausted, satisfied and wishing I’d done more. I barely got a chance to some friends and pros like Allen Wold, James Maxey, Tom Kratman and Jagi Lamplighter and KT Pinto. I was lucky enough to be on a panel with Gray Rinehart who is both fun and knowledgeable.

My Saturday night panel at 11pm was with Chuck Gannon who was waving around copies of Extremis, most of which had been signed by him and Steve White. Chris Weuve who is a writer and helps keep the magic smoke in the Navy administration joined us as did Duncan Langlois, with the audience we discussed what warfare in the future will look like. From ship to ship combat to fixed instillation and hand to hand combat, very fun panel. Andy Presby was in the audience and chipped in, after the panel several of us stayed in the room and kept yacking for an hour or so.

This morning my panel with Gray we discussed what people liked, were looking for more of, and were sick unto their sixth reincarnation of. One of the things we sidetracked into was the paramount importance of preorders for books. I will go into preordering and why its important in a post or more soon, but for now just go preorder Thistle Down and Extremis from wherever pleases you most.

My last "panel" was a Q&A where interested parties fired off questions about all the stuff an agent does. Someone asked about if it was "worth it" to have an agent. I’ve answered what an agent can and should do, and pointed out that often financially even after the agent takes their cut, many writers will still come out ahead. The survey that supports this is here. And my reasons are in older posts, some of which are highlighed in the memories of my LJ.

I honestly and unreservedly encourage fans, writers, agents, editors, artists everyone to come to Ravencon. For fans they have programming of all types and accessible pros. For beginning writers theres the workshops, for pros the con skews towards literary and not enough people from outside the area come in. Editors and agents might meet the next writer they work with, and for artists, well the art and dealers rooms always have good traffic.

I’m thinking of doing a con in the early part of the year next year (Jan- March) next year outside my local area, as long as it averages 500 or more folks, I’m willing to take suggestions.

  • wrong timing but…
    CONvergence in Minnesota is awesome. This year the guests of honor are Brian Keene and Catherynne Valente so that's going to be most awesome for me.

    • Re: wrong timing but…
      Hmmm, too late to shoehorn that into the schedule this year since I'm planning on Reno, but probably next year.

  • Dicussion
    So, what was decided as to "what people liked", "were looking for more of", and "sick unto the sixth reincarnation of"?

    • Re: Dicussion
      Emo-vampires could not be staked enough, and people wanted a bit less first person and a little more positive outlook sf.

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        Re: Dicussion
        I have to second Gray's comment earlier on FB, that these might have benefitted from a follow-on "how many feel that way?" question. My objection to the first-person vs. third-person comment is that I think the person who raised it over-simplified the concern. I think that some stories simply don't work well in first-person, but get written that way because someone thinks that's what the genre is "supposed to be". On the other hand, "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress" or "DarkShip Thieves" wouldn't work at all in third or omniscient, in my estimation. (ymmv)

        • Re: Dicussion
          I think that might have worked, but would also have slowed the panel down. From my reading of the crowd the 1st vs 3rd person perspective issue was limited in scope. The emo-vampires were more broadly based.

  • Well it is the wrong time of the year but October at Albacon is always fun.

  • MarsCon in Williamsburg, VA in mid January. Close to Newport News Airport. Both Richmond and Norfolk are about 45 minutes to an hour away.
    Not sure about the size of the convention though.

    • Thank you, on the list to consider.