The Real: Lucienne Diver

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You can find Lucienne Diver:

Twitter: @LucienneDiver


Her website:




Where are you from?

Mars.  Oh, wait, no, women are from Venus.

Where in all of the multiverse would you curse the worst of humanity?

I’ve never been there, but from what I’ve heard…Lubbock, TX.

Where do you hide the stories you don’t want others to see?

My brother-in-law’s flooded shed.  You try to read my rejects through all the water damage!

Where are you going?

It’s the journey more than the destination.  As Dr. Buckaroo Banzai says, “Wherever you go, there you are.”


Who :

Who was the first objective person to tell you your writing/art was good?

My fifth grade teacher, Mr. Hart, without whom nothing.

Which fictional character do you think you’d like to have lunch with?

Sherlock Holmes, if he weren’t such a misogynist.

Who would you love to get a cover quote from?

Long and Short Reviews compared my recent urban fantasy Bad Blood to “a clever mix of Janet Evanovich and Rick Riordan.”  Getting a quote from either one of these authors (two of my favorites) would blow my mind.

Of all the characters you’ve written or edited which one gave you the biggest fits?

Gina, the heroine of my Vamped series, is one of my favorite and most frustrating characters.  To say that she has a mind of her own would be an understatement.  Hell, she even has her very own blog ( because she won’t shut up between books.


Made Up:

Of all the made up religions you’ve run across which makes the most sense?

I’d have to really think on it.  Even made up religions tend to be based on real-world models, and I seem to have issues with organized religion.

Which made up element is the silliest?

Papal infallibility.  Oh, wait, we’re talking made up religious.  Um…strike that?

What yet to be realized invention do you want the most?

I want transporters.  I love to travel but hate the time it takes to go from point A to point B.  Instantaneous travel would be my version of nirvana.

Which One:

Spiderman or Wolverine

Wolverine.  Hands down.

Dumbledore or Professor X


Lucille Ball or Roseanne

Lucille Ball…I can identify with the bumbling via my total lack of coordination.

Rudyard Kipling or Stephen King

Okay, that just makes my brain hurt.

Superman or Batman

Batman.  I like my superheroes a little more down to earth.

Reading Shakespeare, Wrong or Very Wrong

Absolutely right.  Man had a wicked sense of humor and a progressive approach to his female characters.



Is your favorite time of year?

Any time but winter, which is why I moved to Florida.

What time of day is your favorite?

Early morning, when I’m up before the world.

Did you realize writing was for you?

I don’t know that I realized it was for me so much as I knew the muse didn’t give me any choice.  A day when I don’t write is a day under a cloud.



Goes on your pizza?

Depends on my mood.  Bacon is always good.

On your ice cream?

Chocolate sauce, caramel and whip cream.

On your feet on your day off?

Nothing!  Shoes = foot binding.


Complete the sentence:

I can’t get enough of: my family.

My working space is: beside any body of water.

Never call me: Lucy.  Really, I mean it.  Call me Lucy and lasers might actually shoot out of my eyes and incinerate you on contact.

Cthulhu always told me: that the Old Ones liked me best.


For fun:

When I take a break during the workday I: what is this word “break”?

The one thing you probably don’t know I’m good at is: sewing.  Seems so domestic for someone with no other discernable domestic talents.

Favorite game or sport to watch: dancing.  I’m a So You Think You can Dance addict.


Your Work:


The piece I’ve had the most trouble with: the middle grade novel currently on my agent’s desk.  Oddly, it’s probably the most epic thing I’ve done and also the one with the most challenging voice for me to get straight.

The piece I’ve had the most fun with: anything involving my Vamped heroine, Gina.

The one I’d most love to see made into a movie or tv series: oh, that’s a toss-up between my Lattter-Day Olympians series (starting with Bad Blood) and the Vamped series (Vamped, Revamped, Fangtastic…).  I’d love to see both made into films.  Possibly, though, Bad Blood would have the edge because…well, I don’t want to give anything away, but there’s so much crazy action in it that it would be amazing on the big screen.

The next project to come out is: Fangtastic, the third novel in the Vamped series of young adult novels (think Clueless meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer).  In this novel, my fashionista turned vamp and her cadre face down some killer kids and a pending war between the Feds and the Fangs in old Tampa.  The most fun about writing this book was introducing them to steampunk vampire lifestylers.  I think I lived vicariously through the costuming.