Some people argue against the evolution of fire breathing dragons based on silly things like never having met one or even the issues that could be involved in the creation of fire.  Well, we know the second one isn’t as much of an issue as some people would have you believe based on the bombardier beetle.

It’s always nice to get a foreign perspective on things. In the case of what caused the Hatian earthquake that shook a nation to its knees, you can’t get much more foreign than one Hugo Chavez.

Apparently Iran is next.

The earthquake that struck in Virginia was felt all up and down the continent.

Remember, the element that most influences human behavior isn’t oxygen, nitrogen, carbon or even hydrogen. It is pure and undiluted stupid.

And in case you should have someone achieved whatever age you are with the belief that Da Stoopid only affects a few individuals, I’ll simply point at the diet of the average homo-sape and point out the inverse.

Lastly, two varieties of just cool that show Cordelia Vorkosigan is right, the will to be stupid can be over come. One Two.

  • kirstenaurelius

    Seriously cool bugs. Combine that with a frill lizard and yeah…

    • OnyxHawke

      Ya, I saw that and knew it'd end up included in this editions of BF. 🙂