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2012-11-24So you need to chart the heavenly vista for your opus magnus? Not a new concern. Try this. A little remind that not all things are improved with quantity. What do you mean you need to know where the stars are before you can draw them? Blasphemous thought! If you haven’t heard of Kelvin Doe, […]

One of the most fascinating things about Homo sapiens is our adaptability. Think of the athlete who trains year round, the neurosurgeon who makes cuts using a robot and a laser that are minute, the statistician who carries a hundred 20 character or more formulas n their head, and person who speaks twelve languages are […]

Twitter For The Not So Chatty

Posted: 19th November 2012 by onyxhawke in Social Media
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A couple days ago Chris posted about social media. Specifically, he asked about how to generate conversations, and well, stick to something that doesn’t come naturally to him. Any form of social interaction that doesn’t come naturally to you is uncomfortable. A couple things to remember: No matter what ridiculous or insane thing you say, […]

Silent Dragon Cover

Posted: 17th November 2012 by onyxhawke in Uncategorized
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The amazing Irene Radford has a new book due out February fifth. I’m sure most of you have already preordered it from your purveyor of treeware already. If not, feast thy eyes, and wander on to your favorite bookstore:     For new fans, this is a great place to start exploring this universe. For […]

A woman with two uteri, gave birth not long ago to two babies, one developed in each uterus. Yes, this is rare. A space saving, water craft you can put in your closet and still have room for shoes. It’s not quite George Jetson’s foldup car, but a kayak that compacts neatly is still pretty […]

Hours Saved

Posted: 12th November 2012 by onyxhawke in Uncategorized

I attempt to improve my brain on a regular basis. Often the most interesting lessons I learn, are of the “Oh [Censored] now how do i fix it variety.” In today’s case a file I’d made quite a few changes too apparently lost those changes, or I forgot to save it when moving from a […]

Veterans Day

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To all who serve today, and everyone who has served in the past: Thank you for being the rough men and women standing ready, day and night, in conditions frigid, squalid, sweltering, and more so that others may sleep peacefully.

There are several truths about American politics that make for interesting fiction fodder. The construction of the two parties of the day are one of them. Currently, both parties are in ebbs of extremism. Historically, this doesn’t continue for too long before the party that is more palatable in their extremity, usually thanks to the […]

Somehow I failed to notice that it it was National Adoption month. Fortunately the nice folks at Adopt Us Kids tweeted a reminder: Which prompted me to think: Why aren’t their any notable, positive adoption stories in science fiction and fantasy? I’ve read close to a five digit figure of science fiction and fantasy stories […]

It is NANO and Movember Time!

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Most of my readers will know about NANO, National Novel Writing Month, a nearly world wide phenomenon. Some of you who are like me hockey fans, have probably heard about Movember. For those who haven’t it is program to raise funds, and awareness for prostate cancer. You can take a look at the organization here. […]