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Battlefield maps aren’t really difficult to come by, but getting one map with absolute brain breaking loads of the them from a source known for quality? Just about unheard of. Click here and drool. One of the fascinating differences between introverts, like say Charles Darwin or Albert Einstein on one hand and extroverts such as […]

Once upon a time, in a book far away the hero was not the cuddliest man for miles. It sounds like fiction, and in a way it is. Fiction reflects its¬†germinative society. In fact it not only reflects that society, it is by necessity and evolution a symbiote of that society. Neither can endure healthily […]

Creator Convienient Content

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There are lots of forms of this, in writing there’s the ancestral sword that happens to be sharper and stronger than normal metal. My absolute least favorite is the plot convenient personality traits. The character who has an issue with authority so big they pick fights with anyone who tries to direct them. Most of […]

Thought, Attention, and Intent

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Paying attention is something we all struggle with occasionally. Sometimes a topic isn’t interesting, sometimes the speaker is boring or manages to push one of our buttons with some mannerism most people don’t notice. Other times we just aren’t putting much effort into the experience. Here’s two items for the first I’ll ask, what your […]

Bobby Seale Speeches

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Bobby Seale had a different,style of speech than other black civil rights leaders. He was more accessible, less metaphorical, more realistic and less idealistic than Martin or Malcolm. A 1998 speech His birthday is coming up, if you appreciate his speech,he’s got a couple books out including a cookbook. His website is:

Robotic Assistance

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Sometimes the internet serves up some totally sublime oddities. This blog is based on one of them. So, what can you write around or about a machine designed for, low human interaction collection of male reproductive material? Said devices nominative purpose is facilitating treatments for reproductive issues. Being writers I’m sure you can come up […]