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Life as we know it is built out of DNA. DNA is composed of four nucleic acids. They pair up and construct short sections of three to grow into everything we know. Humans, rabbits, star fish, hummingbirds, spiders, all the same tiny pieces arranged differently. Guanine, Adenine, Thymine, Cytosine all appear in amounts that are […]

Baffled By Editors And Agents?

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Note for this post the definition of reading is the second one discussed in this post. A lot of people wonder what makes agents and editors tick. Or more specifically, what about the jobs warps us into our peculiar jaded mass. Let’s start with the proto-agent or proto-editor who is an avid reader. They read […]

Via NASA: Neil Armstrong

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FAMILY STATEMENT REGARDING THE DEATH OF NEIL ARMSTRONG The following is a statement from the Armstrong family regarding the death of former test pilot and NASA astronaut Neil Armstrong. He was 82. “We are heartbroken to share the news that Neil Armstrong has passed away following complications resulting from cardiovascular procedures. Neil was our loving […]

Writing Prompt: Three-D Printing

Posted: 23rd August 2012 by onyxhawke in Writing Prompt

  Every new technology has it implications. What if you didn’t have to wait a week for a new part for your computer, or you wanted to build your own brand new row kayak for a trip? Maybe you just need a new hinge for your bedroom door? What can you imagine with 3-D printing? […]

The Facebook Experiment

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Facebook. It annoys me. It amuses me. We’ve all been led to believe it’s useful in business, nay critical. So at 12:40am on August 9th, I deleted my account. When I got shanked by the front office of Facebook, and was forcibly converted from a marginally useful interface to a design that is just godawful, […]

Because Facebook needs another way to suck you into wasting more time: Behold the Video Chat App Airtime. Selling your wares at the local con? Here’s a tip. Possible answer to why some people just can’t lose weight. Imagine constructing a virus for bio-warfare on this idea… From the category of “Scum of the earth” […]

It’s time for another round of things that make you go hmm; 4Moms is startup aimed at making the lives of every mother who coms after them easier with some of the most tech enabled gear on the planet. Got a few extra pounds to lose but can’t afford time away from your desk? No […]

Belated and Spoilerific Dark Knight Rises Review

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The third of Nolan’s Batman movies has a straightforward title. It is dark, there is a knight, and he rises. Truth in titling is great. The movie, eh, not so. The measure of a good to great movie to me is “when I think about it, do I want to see it again more or […]