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Some reviews are bad, but ok because they just show the reader picked up the wrong book. I’ve done it, some books just aren’t for me and I can recognize this. I grok that not everyone thinks the same, or likes the same things. Romances, or novels that spend more wordage on emotional exploration than […]

Baldassare Castiglione is your noble of the day. He’s also one of those charming renaissance men. He wrote a book called The Courtier. An interesting quote: The courtier must be; noble, skilled at war, a good dancer, an excellent conversationalist, moderate at all times, graceful, elegant, good with his hands, artistic. More debate on Pluto’s […]

One of the odder and most disappointing things about sff publishing in particular, and the industry as a whole, but particularly our genre is how often it reaches back to touch its past. I’ve heard or seen innumerable times editors and publisher that they were looking for “Phillip K. Dick” or “Heinlein” or the like […]

I keep telling people an important thing about my blog: I am not a writer. Really. I don’t have that urge to create. If i blog I have something to say. If i don’t blog reason number one is that anything that occurs to me to write is likely to bore me to sleep before […]

The publishing industry has undergone a number of big changes over the last century. Publishing went from a country club for intellectuals to a mainstream way of aiding education and information, and then entertainment. Like television it went from a number of major sources that could be counted on one hand to a large lumber, […]

There will be spoilers in this post and discussion. There will be spoilers in this post and discussion. There will be spoilers in this post and discussion. I think my favorite lines are: Black Widow: I don’t see how that’s a party. Hulk: Puny god.   Did anyone else notice the continuity error on the […]

I’m not a city boy, never have been and unless I get on the wrong side of some demonic force, I hope never to be. One of the unadulterated joys of living someone place you can see the sky is seeing the sky.  Nature’s mobius-strip of light, and multidimensional map of the universe. The moon […]

FYI: Website Issues

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Either I installed the wrong plugin here, or I annoyed someone (or several someones) with some hacking ability. Since the first of the year, my website has been hacked three or four times affecting everything from the contact form at to  email, and even this blog. There will be more updates later, but obviously […]