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I love Ravencon. You should come. Chuck Gannon is here, and busy paneling. Go look for him. Some really good panels this year, even by Ravencon standards. Morality of Magneto with the brilliant and lovely Day Al-Mohamed who is at her first Ravencon, Alhen Moin, Joan Wnedland, and Christopher was a blast. Lots of interesting […]

Ravencon Schedule

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Friday: 10pm Morality of Magneto in New River Saturday: 11AM to 1pm Allen Wold’s Writers Workshop (You may need to sign up in advance,.) 4pm Teenage Wasteland Room F Sunday: 9am Is interstellar travel possible Room e: Fair warning Mike is not a morning god, snark will be in higher concentration than usual. 11am -1pm […]

Reviews. and Contest! Win a Free Book

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The fabulous Irene Radford came across a review of her Chicory Up. That we both kinda dig. Here‘s part: Human or pixie, Thistle Down is a wise conscientious person who fulfills her obligations by going the extra kilometers. The Pixies bring plenty of amusing havoc unless you happen to be the human whose life is […]