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This is possibly the most important discovery in biology since DNA itself. In very short it may give us some of the answers to why genetic variation within and between species can create so many similarities and differences. For example the black fur in canines is believed to have originated in domestic (prehistoric) animals, and […]

I’m going to start off with a shocking and possibly even blasphemous fact about the publishing industry.   The Publishing industry is an entertainment enterprise. Just like comic books, movies, television, major league sports and music. People turn to fiction, and some forms of non fiction for entertainment. A handy definition of entertainment is: “something […]

As a reader I’ve been unfortunate enough to see two of my favorite series die recently. They are still being published, and the writers are still packing words between the covers. Unfortunately at some point the core value of the series died, at least for me. I’ve read both series for the last half decade […]

Twitter Apps

Posted: 19th March 2012 by onyxhawke in Social Media
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For those of you stalking me on Twitter, you may have noticed I sometimes alternate between posting from the UberSocial for BlackBerry, the web and now Echofon. Some of this is so i can continue conversations while I’m on the phone, some is because I’m wandering around at home…or just can’t find my phone. One […]

One of the weird quirks of fiction is that it frequently has to be more believable than reality. Reality being a wholly subjective thing, it’s something one has to make a lot of compromises to get broad appeal on. In writing its even harder than in movies or television to get the villain right. The […]

Question of the day

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If the library of Alexandria was never lost, what is the most post significant change to the world?  

Dog And Dragon by Dave Freer: Snippet

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  You did know you can get free samples of Dog and Dragon at the freshly revamped Baen’s Bar? Right? Here’s part of the first one and the link to it. CHAPTER 1 Back to the sunset bound of Lyonesse — A land of old upheaven from the abyss By fire, to sink into the […]

Alternate History

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I don’t read a whole lot of alternate history, and don’t┬áreceive┬ámuch in slush. I suspect partly that’s because I don’t care for for it as a top three reading choice, and partly because aside from the badly written stuff pretending to be the real McCoy there just isn’t that much of it written. Well, here’s […]

Underworld 4

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A bit ago I got to see the latest Underworld edition.I loved it. But it has a fault or two. But the strengths were more than enough to compensate for it. The first Underworld movie was strong across the board (unless you’re a White Wolf fan) and the second and third were variously good but […]