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Repetitive Writing Is Bad

Posted: 29th November 2011 by onyxhawke in Uncategorized
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Nope. Not talking about writers who use the same phrases or names half a hundred times. Something I read yesterday got me thinking. I’m talking about prolific writers who write in the same series or universe over and over, and over, and over again for years. Two or three of the writers I’m thinking of […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted: 23rd November 2011 by onyxhawke in Uncategorized

It’s that time of the year again for Americans, the battle to do three thousand rounds of holiday greetings, meetings, family and business gatherings and all the rest we do and still somehow sleep is upon us. Try not to forget why the holidays exist. This is one of my favorites, it has two priorities: […]

One of the things that I find curious about a lot of SF/F is how bland and boring the food is, especially among the supposedly decadent and affluent. One or two of these should jazz up any menu. There’s only one thing worse than no security, and that’s bad security. Say Cheese. While I won’t […]

Our own perception is the only lens we have to view the universe through. What we perceive is what is. It is our subjective reality. Where our perception as individuals overlaps with the perception of others is reality. That area of overlap is perhaps the most intriguing excerpt of the human experience. A large portion […]

About one percent of the worlds population meets the clinical definition of psychopath. Now, more ways of parsing that one percent from the ninety nine percent have been developed based on the way they speak. (#OccupyInstitutions  ?) Apple sues and loses to a tablet competitor in Spain. One of the most famous crops in America […]