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Important Words: Thank you to all the American military forces past, present and future. The Waste of Bits: Two words I like, Rife Panche

Once upon a time I heard (or maybe read) a well known writer (who is unimportant but you’ve heard of them) lament the need to be an author and that it got in the way of their writing (aka the fun part). Said writer is not exactly the raging extrovert a certain number of those who […]

Earth Like Planet

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The/a first "earth like‘ planet has been confirmed (at least as well as can be done without a visit). It’s just about twenty light years away. So assuming reasonable comfort to get their and that you could take say 125lbs of cargo with you. Would you go? What would you take? I’d go, even if […]

I was having conversation with a good friend on their blog, that isn’t all that unique, but is one I find myself drawn into everytime it comes up (unless there’s someone I just can’t stand in the conversation) its nearly a death and taxes level certainty. I’ve probably been involved in some variation of the conversation a dozen […]

Today’s slush

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This is the probably not in order list of reasons for rejections of slush today. No indicators of the number for each since its mostly irrelevant. Reasons listed here may or may not be worded exactly as listed in rejection letters. No ability to suspend disbelief. Curious application of language Lack of topical authority Didactic […]

While I’m waiting for more entries for the bad cover letter contest. I figured I’d say a little bit more about what it takes to become published or picked up by an agent. The "it" or portion of "it" that I as a reader, agent and sales schlep is "what" and "who" are operative. What […]

That’s right, do your dangdest, come up with a the most creatively bad cover letter you can, post it to this Livejournal’s comments sections (No LJ needed, you can login with other services.) and that’s it. Several of last years had me laughing four an hour.

As those who watch my Twitter and Facebook accounts know, I just got my copies of Extremis by Steve White and Chuck Gannon in. So, from this Friday the 13th when I make the contest opening post until whenever it ends sometime Monday, there will be another Bad Cover Letter contest!One winner (US/Canada only) will […]

There is nothing more frustrating to me than finding a great book, reading one or two more by the author and then finding out they are no longer being published. Sometimes its just because I have found a writer who has passed away, decided they don’t wish to go through all that is need to […]

One of the questions I get asked frequently is "So what’s your typical day like?" I’d like to know the answer to that too. Here’s what today was like: Wake up! It’s still a single digit hour of the day. Consume the Holy Nectar! Check for emails from clients. Check webform email address, reply if they […]

Discussion: Child Soldiers

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I was spelunking across the web, and tripped over this post by Mark Van Name on child soldiers. He’s actually donating every cent he makes from the book to a charity on a book he wrote on the topic. So here’s the discussion, I’ll toss in my two cents in a bit, but what are […]

If those words will appear in your cover letter, query or elevator pitch, thank you but not for me. I’ve never been a fan of topical fiction, and this is one that I dread seeing spill over into my inbox. The number of ways it can be done is essentially limitless, the number of ways […]


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Thistle Down the summer spectacular from Irene Radford is available for preorder. Extremis from Steve White and Chuck Gannon, the latest in the Starfire universe is due in stores in just days, but I’m sure you’ve alreay ordered yours, right?