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Writing Prompt!

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Stretch the minds, flex the fingers, and here we go: Pick one Setting: Space ship Shopping mall Hot springs Pick one Character: Buyer Buddhist Monk Brain suregon Pick 3 Words that most be central to the plot and appear in your first 1000 words: Crystal Coal Claymore Centipede Centrifugal Chlorine Gans Camping gear Crossroad Contamination […]

So I’ve been on a YA kick again…

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I’m not sure who to blame for that, I think I might have read six YA books from 11-20, and at a guess all were for school. But anyway, I’ve been reading some published and better known YA and like any other market it has its good and good toilet paper entries. Coincidentally I ran across an […]

I Am Not A Wall

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There are times when I become convinced that people who send me their work think they are trying to cook spaghetti and not get a book published. These people have me half convinced my submission guidelines are all written using Polish words, Bantu grammar, and that they still only appear on my website about as […]

One of the impactful questions that lurks behind the question of self publication (or in some cases micro-presses and scam organizations) is: Why does self-publishing have a stigma? There are two answers to this, the first is the simple one, the second will no doubt get me unfollowed on twitter, unfriended on Facebook, and generally […]

News: Sale

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Two weeks ago it was Irene Radford, last week it was James Enge with the announcements. This week, as he broke through his Facebook Fan Page it is Dave Freer’s  turn. The vital statistics: Two books to Pyr. A new steampunk universe called The Drowned Empire. The first entitled Cuttlefish follows the events of a […]

Well, I ended the con the right way. Exhausted, satisfied and wishing I’d done more. I barely got a chance to some friends and pros like Allen Wold, James Maxey, Tom Kratman and Jagi Lamplighter and KT Pinto. I was lucky enough to be on a panel with Gray Rinehart who is both fun and knowledgeable. […]

Having a blast at Ravencon, per usual. My flight out Friday morning was perfect, we boarded a bit late, but I’ve never seen such a large jet have everyone boarded and belted so fast. If i had to guess I’d say it took less than fifteen minutes for the nearly two hundred folks on board […]

News: Sale

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Last week, was the fabulous Irene Radford’s turn This week, World Fantasy Award Nominee James Enge  is the writer with the deal. The vital statistics:Three book deal to Pyr, starring Morlock Ambrosius.Cash: Raise over last sale. Promotional babble:Those of you who have met Morlock will get to run the streets with him a bit earlier […]

Sekrit project is no longer a secret

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Originally posted by at Sekrit project is no longer a secret From Publisher’s Market Place TODAY. Children’s: Young AdultIrene Radford’s three new novels, to Sheila Gilbert of Daw, by Michael Kabongo of the OnyxHawke Agency. That’s right I sold 3 new dragon books to DAW. Signed the contracts this week and sent them back. As […]


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While we’re in confession mode… I sold a novel last week under a pen name. It’s actually quiet an interesting story and my good friend Matrice at Harlequin was nice enough to promise a second book if preorders are high enough. The working title is Canticle of the Corset, its a multi-generational coming of age […]

My war

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One of the biggest areas of failure for a lot of writers is failure to grow their craft. I don’t make money as a novelist (and don’t think I could) but my writing is still important. Most writers have at least two things they are contantly fighting against to keep their writing at their highest […]

News: Sale

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The vital statistics:Silent Dragon and two sequels were sold for Irene Radford  to DAW. Together they are the long awaited return to the world first brought to us by Glass Dragon.Cash: Raise over last sale. Promotional Babble:The children of Jaylor, Brevelan and Darville are growing up, and will take center stage in this trilogy. For […]