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Here’s your answer, its the email i sent to a writer friend this morning:Subject: You Damn TheifBody: You owe me five hours sleep. "***** ******" was awesome.Mike That’s it. We want a book to invade, attack, lay siege and occupy our attention for hours, it needs to overrun the other stuff we need to be doing. […]

A big loss

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I just discovered Diana Wynne Jones has passed away. She’s one of those writers. The ones who deserve to be mentioned along side Bradbury, Asimov, Heinlein and the rest. She wrote for all ages of people, and possibly for all ages of time.No aspect of her writing was anything other than spot on. Her family relationships, […]

Yo! In the near future I’ll be doing a guest blog or two for one or two sites. Yes, yes this is amazing since I seem to barely remember I have my own blog. But what can I say, I was bribed. Speaking of which.* If you really want something to think about bribing me with, this is […]


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Last night i got, and returned the programming email for Ravencon! Who’s going? When are you getting in?


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I had a great time going to for the day on Saturday. I ran into some friends, chatted with a few pro’s that  know and got reminded how much fun a con can be when one isn’t on the schedule. It’s the first time in more than five years I’ve been to a con and not on […]