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The names have been changed to protect well, no one It was just fun to do. I thought after the delightful weekend battle of the titans, that the publishing industry could use a slightly more amusing bit of nonsense to talk about. Friend: You deal with writers, right? Me: Yes. Me: Why? Friend: Interested… Me: […]


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For those who missed it during the Genre Unbound broadcast last night, we passed along some important news. The sixth volume in the Starfire universe will be penned by Chuck Gannon and Steve White. Many of you will remember that Chuck Gannon was a key part of the creation of the Traveller and 2300 A.D. […]

Radio Show

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The count down begins! I managed to create a login for blogtalk radio show using my Facebook account. Listen for an announcement during the show. Moshe from Tor has been replaced by Toni from Baen.  

Thursday night at 9pm ET I will be taking part in the radio show Genre Unbound with author David Lee Summers, host David Boop, and an editor from Tor Books. There is a chat room that we’d love some people to show up in on Facebook see David Boop’s profile for more info.  

Press Release

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Book View Cafe to Partner with Smashwords Book View Café has announced it is partnering with Smashwords to distribute its growing ebook catalogue. “Smashwords is taking a truly dynamic approach to ebooks,” said Book View Café Project Manager Sarah Zettel. “From the beginning, BVC has promised readers the books they want, when they want them. […]

Arisia the AASSR*

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I had a really good time at Arisia. I got to see some fans, writers and other folk I either hadn’t met or haven’t seen in too long.

Arisia! The Halfquel

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I have made it through the first half of the con. Those of you following me on Twitter will note that a certain person who shall remain nameless has been a very bad influence and forced me to retweet something of theirs. I was afraid for my life. I’ve run into Shira& Adam, Tempest, Trisha […]

Arisia Schedule

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Sorry for the short notice, caffeine is not flowing strongly enough.   Today @ 11am The Changing Face of Fiction in Molly Pitcher Today @ 7pm Must Read Stories room 201 Sunday at 10am City As Character Paul Revere B Sunday Noon The Mechanics of Anthology Construction

Off to Arisia

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You can follow my exploits on Twitter @onyxhawke and on Facebook. I’ll also try and update my blog a couple times this weekend.  I’ve also decided to do a week of guest blogs sometime in the near future, and since y’all have been following me for the longest I figured I’d mention it here first.  One […]

Email outage

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Hello, I had an email outage from approximately 1/7 to early am 1/11 on all addresses at If you have tried to email me things are working properly again. I am also reachable through Facebook, Twitter and by phone. During the outage I was able to send email, but was not receiving any, Thanks and apologies, […]

Spell it right

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I know one of the things that always get’s my goat in submissions is failure to spell check. I’m okay with a spelling error here and there that wasn’t caught, It happens. But a clear and present failure is absurd. There is no way anyone who can email me a submission can fail to find some […]