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James Enge has turned in the sequel to his soon to be best loved Blood Of Ambrose to Pyr. The sequel is currently titled This Crooked Way. 

This video reminded me of some of the stories I’ve seen that have rather sharply juxtaposed elements, some working well, some working horribly most working for only a very small slice of the market. I suspect this video falls into one of the latter to categories. Thanks Mel See more funny videos and funny pictures […]

Dragon’s Ring has been turned in.

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This is what he said about it in his conference on Baen’s Bar; Tasmarin is a place of dragons. a plane cut off from all others worlds where dragons can be dragons, and humans can be dinner. It’s a place of islands, forests, mountains and wild oceans, filled with magical denizens. Fionn — the black […]


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Well, it’s snowing outside, but the con is still in full swing. My two panels were well attended. The first one was with the fabulous Sara A. Harvey, Keith R. A. DeCandido, James D. Macdonald, and Inanna Arthen. Where we covered bad contracts, the unfortunate experiences of Sara and Inanna, James’s work with Writers Beware […]

It is your last chance to vote in the P&E polls.Dave Freer & Eric Flint are ahead in the Best SF/F Novel and Dave is currently near the top of the best Author ranks. Go vote! In the other categories, friends of mine that I’m told were nominated included Sarah Hoyt, James Enge (for a short), […]

Merrily slushing…

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I’m merrily slushing again now that i have a working computer to do it with. Rumor has it that James Enge is closing in on the end of sequel to Blood of Ambrose. Dave Freer has said that he has finished the construction of Dragons Ring and will be turning it in soon. He also […]


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Perhaps the most interesting balancing act in the world is that of balancing the world’s view of you as articulated in nuance, deed, and word by those around you and your own view of self. Sometimes, the world has a more accurate view of you than you yourself can claim, or will admit to. Sometimes […]


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Slow Train To Arcturus has been nominated as for best sf/f novel in the Preditors & Editors reader’s poll. So go vote here: They require an email you can click from to validate to stop people doing nefarious stuff like voting lots of times from the one email address. Dave said that being in […]