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While Science Fiction and Fantasy have helped lead the way to some extraordinary things in our world, there are some things that just shouldn’t be. Hopefully a few people will take this topic and run with it as I shall quite lazily point out only the simplest and most obvious things being the shiftless and […]

Well, as some readers know World Fantasy Con isn’t like most other cons. In fact it’s not like any other convention I’ve ever been too. It’s probably the only gathering in the industry where the professionals out number the fans. It’s also one of the largest gatherings of pros, with the least programming to get […]


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It’s that time again. I’m missing a con, and so are some of my friends. I mentioned to one or two of them directly that I’d be doing it. A couple said they’d toss up a post or three as well. Topic’s I’ll be writing about sometime this weekend: Why I wish I were in Calgary. What to […]

I really do wonder how it is that I, or any agent or editor is expected to believe that some people believe they deserve to be read when they can’t even put the energy into finding out the basics of submission. Never mind following all of them in their varied and sometimes insane variations. Just […]


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It’s a conspiracy, I know it is. I took some great picks of the foliage today. Sadly the computer won’t read the memory card. Not in the camera, not in the adapter and not in the memory card reader. Once is chance, twice is coincidence, three times is enemy action. This is enemy action. I […]


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In addition to Ravencon and Lunacon, I’ve been invited back to Arisia for next year. I’ve also been invited to Balticon. These will probably be the only cons I do next year. I may do either Worldcon or World Fantasy as well. I’m possibly doing Book Expo too.

Cambridge Ma eateries?

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Anyone know of any good restaurants near the Sonesta in Cambridge?

Anti-Slush Report

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The following people owe me sleep and should make reparations quickly. First up is the delightful Carrie Vaughn. I got to meet her in the lobby of one of the three hundred hotels attendees of Denvetion were spread across. I’m possibly the last person on the planet to read Kitty And the Midnight Hour, but […]

Dave Freer news

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Dave Freer, along with a few other fantastic folks have decided to form a group blog. Dave got the intro post and he has since been followed by Rowena Cory Daniels. Go look

The big mistakes that sink a book are not nearly as interesting to me as the little ones that can tip the balance either way. One of the little things that always leaves me bemused is how people in stories go straight from summer into winter without more than a passing mention of fall. While […]

Of note…

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Dreamhost, has taken leave of their senses and is taking volunteers to move to their new servers. I took advantage of their generous offer to give people who volunteered unlimited bandwith and unlimited storage.If you notice my website is down, please post a message here it comes to my phone so i can cal and […]

Yet more of me

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The Lords of the Internet of made it easier for me to post to multiple places at once. Hence, for those of you that hate LJ and read via RSS, but like Blogger or Vox, you can now find me in those places as well.

Two things which are made of awesome

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One is a webcomic I wish i had time to read more: The other is the brilliant idea by one of my clients to get several of his readers tuckerized. Dave Freer covers all the hard work in his lj post here.